The 2Work Burns First Aid Kit is a compact kit that is essential for any environment that presents a risk of burns. The Burns First Aid Kit is specifically designed to provide quick and effective treatment and is equipped to deal with injuries of varying sizes. The compact case can easily be stored without impacting on accessibility. This pack contains: 2x 10x10cm burn dressings, 1x 20x20cm burn dressing, 1x 5x13cm burn dressing, 1x 50ml burn gel bottle, 8x 3.5g burn gel sachets, 2x conforming bandages, 1x pair of gloves, 1x shears.


  • Comes in a striking orange integral aura box
  • Compact case allows for increased portability and easy storage
  • Specifically stocked for burn relief and treatment
  • Includes: multiple burn dressings of different sizes, conforming bandages and burn gel
  • Also contains: burn gel, a pair of gloves and a pair of shears
  • Ideal for use in kitchens or any environment where there is the risk of burns
  • Case dimensions: 22.5x23x9.5cm

2Work Burns First Aid Kit Small

SKU: 2W04991