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For use at home or in the office, these Picture Hanging Strips are easy to apply, hold on strongly and can be removed easily, leaving no blemishes on your wall. With no need for nails or tools of any kind, these innovative picture hanging strips are suitable for most picture frames up to 457 x 609mm in size. This pack contains 6 adhesive strips (pack of 3 pairs) for hanging pictures, certificates, awards, photographs, messages and more.


  • Adhesive strips for hanging pictures, photographs, messages and more
  • No need for nails or screws
  • Easy to remove - innovative stretch release technology leaves no surface damage
  • Suitable for most picture frames up to 457x609mm in size
  • Size: Medium
  • Pack of 3 pairs (6 strips in total)

3M Command Medium Hanging Strip (Pack of 3 Pairs)

SKU: 3M32101
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