This Artline Builders Marker Set contains four marker pens and is designed with builders in mind. The white Builders Marker has a 2.3mm line width and writes on various surfaces with UV light resistant ink, meaning there is no risk of it fading over time. The ink of the Exterior Marker is resistant to UV light and is waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor use. The permanent, waterproof ink of the General Purpose Marker is perfect for marking in the toughest environments and the Long Nib Marker is ideal for marking deep holes and inspections in hard to reach places.


  • 1 White Builders Marker: Writes on various rough surfaces, UV light resistant, bullet nib, 2.3mm line width
  • 1 Exterior Marker: Suitable for outdoor use, waterproof, instant drying, UV light resistant, bullet nib, 1.5mm line width
  • 1 General Purpose Marker: Heavy duty, permanent, waterproof, bullet nib, 1.5mm line width
  • 1 Long Nib Marker: Permanent, waterproof, L 30mm x W 1mm acrylic fibre nib
  • Pack of 4

Artline EKPRW4 Builders Marker Kit (Pack of 4)

SKU: AR00077