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BIC Intensity Fineliner is the perfect tool to put an ultra fine point on all your artistic and writing projects. Whether you are creating an illustration, a drawing, an essay or a book, It features an ultra-fine tip that creates clean accurate 0.4mm lines for anything from drawing a tiny dot and tracing a wispy line to penning a special message. Not only super-thin, it can stand up against hard edges like rulers, templates and other implements.

  • Bic Intensity Fineliner pens with ultra fine tip
  • Metal-shielded nylon tip
  • Once dry the water-based ink does not bleed, stain or smudge on most paper
  • Ink-coloured cap has a clip to hook onto a notebook and prevent the pen rolling
  • Ultra fine 0.4mm tip for extra precision
  • Colour: Black, green, blue, red
  • Pack of 4

Bic Intensity Fineliner Pen Ultra Fine Tip Assorted (Pack of 4)

SKU: 942082
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