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Energizer Speciality Lithium Batteries are designed to keep your devices running for longer. Providing power that is consistent and long-lasting, each battery provides you with fantastic value for money. CR2032 batteries are for speciality use, perfect for watches, remote controls and other small devices that require a compact battery. Provided to you in a twin pack, these batteries can be stored for up to 2 years without any reduction in the level of quality.

  • Energizer lithium batteries for lasting power
  • Size: 2032/CR2032
  • Great for digital cameras, calculators and car alarms
  • Last for up to 2 years after purchase
  • Pack of 2 batteries
  • 3.0 volts

Energizer Special Lithium Battery 2032/CR2032 (Pack of 2)

SKU: ER24835
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