• UGREEN HDMI to VGA Converter supports especially suitable for all devices with HDMI interface such as TV Stick or other devices with HDMI port. With the adapter you can directly connect TV Stick to your display. 3.5 mm audio jacks let yourself be at the same time audio and video Holiday. The HDMI to VGA Adapter supports for HDCP compatible and supports the adaptor not for HDCP protected devices only.
  • HDMI Female to VGA connector adapter is a portable conversion from digital to analog. Connect your HDMI enabled devices with Projectors, LED/LCD display, TV's and all other screens that only have a VGA input.
  • HDMI to VGA Adaptor a VGA resolution of maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixel, a image frame frequency of 60 Hz. For audio signals, the converter is a audio output with 3.5 mm jack (one for Tome performance required audio cable with 3.5 mm jack plug for speaker connection sold separately).
  • HDMI Female to VGA connector is designd for TV Stick. You can easily connect to the TV Stick without HDMI cable and VGA cable. The UGREEN chip set, this converter converts for HDMI digital signals into VGA Analogsi signals. This adapter is suitable in one direction only HDMI to VGA. Can be used not VGA to HDMI Convert.
  • An additional USB input on the converter is necessary power, when the devices with low-power HDMI output on the converter's (e.g. Macbook 2015/2016, TV Stick and raspberry pi 1/2/3. At Raspberry Pi to do mglw. the configuration (in the file config. txt - scheme.

HDMI Female to VGA Male Adapter

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