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A brief history of Barstows Stationery

Welcome to the Barstows Stationery blog!

Welcome to Barstows Stationerys blog (our first time doing this!), firstly, thank you for looking at our site!

We're a family run business in the heart of Oxfordshire, nestled in a sleepy town of Bicester - we say sleepy but with Bicester Village adjacent to the town, we're quite busy! We're only a 5 minute drive from the popular shopping centre (we also sell postcards which is a firm favourite with the visitors!).

Pencils, notebook and erasers with a brown paper background

More information about Barstows!

More about Barstows?

Well, the business started roughly in the 1980s, and this September we will be going for 41 years (2023).

Barstows was based in 2 locations. 1 branch in Northampton and 1 branch in Bicester. Mr and Mrs Barstow then made the decision to focus on the Bicester branch. The shop was where Wimpy is now in Bicester, then Keeping House, to now, which is next door to Keeping House and that's where they've been for years.

Now, Mr and Mrs. Barstows son runs and takes care of the family business. Their son has expanded the business over the last few years and has managed to tackle the trials and errors of Covid-19.

Barstows now offers a free local delivery to the Bicester area for order over £10.00 (and with this economic climate, that's ridiculously easy to manage!)

Thank you!

So, why use Barstows Stationery?

For our friendly manner? No, honestly. We try our hardest to help you, the customer however we won't sell you bumf, you won't get sold extra hidden things, what you see is what you get. We're honest, we're simple and as we're a small team we know what's going on (most of the time). We pride ourselves on this and we hope to see you soon

If you're in the Bicester area or live in the area, why not give us a call or message?

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