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One of Nicky’s commitments is to offer customers innovative products and great quality. With this in mind we have developed the unique Nicky Lemon kitchen towel. Thanks to its lemon scented inner core it will leave a fresh, delicate, lemon fragrance in your kitchen. It will smell good and look good  thanks to its pretty lemon themed decorations. And, with 100 sheets each on each roll, this product will give you long lasting asborbency.


Profits deriving from sales of Nicky Lemon will be devolved to support various Woodland Trust projects across the UK. Nicky is actively funding local projects to help the Woodland Trust plant at least 20,000 native trees in the UK each year. By purchasing this product you will be helping Nicky and Wooldand Trust care for and restore Britain’s trees, forests and wildlife.

Nicky Lemon Kitchen Roll

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