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To ensure that all your packages are properly secured when in transit, using stretchwrap is essential. Ambassador has created a film that is designed to protect your goods, guaranteeing that they are not going to become loose. This stretchwrap is designed for medium duty use, meaning that it is the perfect solution for day to day packaging. If you are shipping a considerable number of packages, then you really need to be using materials that you can rely upon.

  • Medium duty stretchwrap (17 micron) perfect for all mailrooms and warehouses
  • Keeps products clean and undamaged when in transit
  • Perfect for all different types of shipping
  • Suitable for use with a range of dispensers
  • 250 metres of high quality film
  • Width: 400mm

Stretch Wrap Film 400mmx250m Medium Duty 17micron

SKU: MA14579
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