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Writing on a wide variety of different surfaces, including non-porous glass and plastic, these pencils are the perfect solution to easy and effective marking. Providing you with bold and legible writing, these pencils are suited to a range of environments. Perfect for vibrant, eye-cataching signs and notices in retail, hospitality and office environments. Great for marking glass, china, acetate and other polished and non-porous surfaces, this pack contains 12 white pencils.

  • Marking pencil for writing and drawing on a variety of surfaces
  • Perfect for non-porous surfaces
  • Sharpens like a regular pencil
  • For glass, china, acetate and polished surfaces
  • Marks last for a long time
  • Colour: White
  • Pack of 12

West Design Chinagraph Marking Pencil White (Pack of 12)

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